The difference between NBR and Habit salon Extensions.

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Doing hair for as long as I have at salon joshua  you’ve seen a lot of great hair as well bad hair.  Some is to the doing of the hair dresser as well to just the quality of hair the client brings.  No matter the reason, you the “client” find yourself in a new chair of a stylist.  You have to take some responsibility for the out come your get.  Yes with social media as well all the glamorous pictures that follow it may be hard to pick a place to get your hair done.  So what should you do on your part to insure the best possible outcome for you and most importantly your hair :).

1st check out their credentials.

  •     How long have they been doing hair?
  •     What does their website say and look like?
  •     Social media content
  •     last and most important what do their reviews say.

Now the whole “hand Tied Extension” craze has created a lot of confusion for the consumer.  So what I want to do for you is help simplify this and educate you so you will be better prepared in picking the right person to install your extensions.  First, lets understand what “Hand Tied Extensions” are.  This is not a technique like most people think and hairdressers say who offer them.  Hand Tied is referring to the type of hair that is used.  Yes, they are hand tied by someone which in turn  creates a lighter weight weft which is ideal for creating less damage because the weight is less than a “machine weft” as well the weft itself is thinner so you are able to stack more wefts together and minimize bulk.  NBR is a technique.  NBR is also the creator of how to do hand sewn extensions.  This is why I chose to mentor under them and learn the best way in doing the craft.  What also make NBR so unique is the ability to keep the wefts hidden both when you wear your down and well if your were to wear then up in a ponytail.  The second huge part is the placement of the extension hair on the head.  Nothing is worse than trying to sleep on extensions that are installed at the nape of the head.  NBR the wefts are place from your occipital bone and up.  This allows for more comfort when you sleep.  From the Clients I have done from Habit Extension Method this isn’t the case.  They start their wefts at the nape and work up.  The last part is the grow out.  You should be able to go 6-8 weeks with no more than 1 1/2 inches or grow out.  If you are getting more grow out than this in less time they weren’t installed correctly.

I hope that this has helped you.  If you have more questions feel free to contact me through my website or social media outlets.  Best of luck with your hair goals from us here at Salon Joshua.

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